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Before attaching

Q1. Will it be possible to attach NailLift even for too short nail?

A1.There is possibility that clips would hurt the skin if edge of the nail doesn’t have enough length. We recommend keeping the edge of the nail around 2.5mm, but if the edge is at least 1mm at both side of the nail, the special approach by attaching NailLift upside down is available.
Edge of the nail does not have enough length

Q2. Does it hurt when attaching?

A2. Since the nail is lifted by wire with strong corrective effect, rarely some people feel pain as if the nail peeled off. It may be resolved in next few days. We recommend you wait and see the situation while keep wearing NailLift, but if you cannot stand it, please remove it. In order to prevent those cases,we recommend to coat the nail over NailLift with gel.

Q3. Is this metal allergy-safe?

A3. Clips is made by stainless with high safety level that is used for medical devices. Although wire is metal made, it is covered by Fluorine resin not to directly touch skin.

Q4. My nail is too thick to catch clips firmly, and it’s hard to file off with my nail file.

A4. Clips cannot catch the nail thicker than 1mm. There are, however, many people whose nail is thicker than 1mm. For those people, we recommend our dedicated file that can strongly file even thick nail.
Please refer How to file the thick nail using our file dedicated to NailLift

How to attaching

Q1. Can I use my scissors or nail nipper to cut wire of NailLift?

A1. To cut wire properly, we recommend you to use nipper that have capacity to cut steel wire.

Q2. I failed to attach and removed clips. How can I retry with that?

A2. Once attached, clips have already been loosened and it won’t firmly catch nail again. If you want to try with removed clips again, please adjust clips to make them narrow again using tweezers. Or, please coat clips with gel adhesive glue after attaching.

After attaching

Q1. How long will it take to get effect?

A1. Immediately after you attach NailLift. Ingrown nail will be lifted by the strong restoring force of shape memory alloy wire that is once curved along with nail shape, and it will be completely corrected in 1 to 2 weeks.

Q2. How long should I keep attaching NailLift?

A2. ngrown nail will be completely corrected by NailLift in 1 to 2 weeks, but it probably reoccur once remove NailLift. It depends on individual differences, and some people reoccur in 3 months after removing NailLift, but some will not recur even 1 year later.
In order to lengthen the period until recurrence, we recommend that you keep wearing NailLift as long as possible if not feel uncomfortable. It’s approximately 1 to 2 months.

Q3. Is NailLift reusable?

A3. We don’t prohibit reuse. But Clips and wire that used once will be loosened. Also, it is very difficult to insert the wire, which was once cut to fit the nail width, in the proper condition. We think that reuse is impossible in reality.

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